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Glenn Lawrence
Founder and Managing Director

Glenn founded the business in 1999. From his 20 year career in Commercial Banking he identified a critical gap in the market for commercially minded financial experts who could work part time with entrepreneurs at boardroom level to help them to achieve their goals and ambitions.

“Only by careful financial planning and performance management will most businesses succeed. For our clients we leave nothing to chance, which in these particularly challenging times is imperative."
"It has been fantastic to realise my vision of building a national team of dynamic, customer focussed and experienced business professionals. They have found a vehicle with which to achieve both their personal and professional goals. Seeing the difference we make to our clients, on a day to day basis is fantastic. I look forward to welcoming all those who want and can make the difference."
Welcome to the 8020 Financial Management Franchise
Taking the leap to invest in a franchise business has the potential to really change your life.

You will be following the path of a tried and tested business model to achieve your own personal and professional goals, however choosing the right franchise opportunity is pivotal to your success.

We are looking for people who share our passion for the numbers that sit behind every business; and share our drive to turn an entrepreneur’s vision into a successful reality.
The majority of the 8020 network join us from the accountancy and banking sector, increasingly having worked at Financial Controller or Director level in a corporate business unit, or as FD within the SME market.

Those with a strong management background, the energy to learn and the confidence to deliver in the boardroom have also proved to be highly successful within the 8020 network.

We invite you to take your first steps on a path of discovery and get a feel for the 8020 network: who they are, what they do and what made 8020 the right choice for them.