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Nick Russell
8020 Dorking & Guildford

Nick is a Chartered Accountant and came to 8020 with 20 years experience as an SME Financial Director, predominantly in the creative and media sectors

"The 8020 model exploits a significant gap in the market - for small companies and entrepreneurs who don't need and couldn't justify a full time FD but could really use support to manage their finances and help them to grow. This creates a great opportunity for us to build a varied portfolio and a fascinating set of business interests.”


The Market
This unique service would benefit every business, however it is the SME market where we focus our attention. The 8020 model delivers greater flexibility and a higher quality resource than would otherwise be accessed at a comparable price point.

The Statistics

According to statistics published in October 2010 by the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS), at the start of 2009:

  • SMEs together accounted for more than half of employment (59.8%) and turnover (49%) in the UK
  • Of the 4.8 million businesses, 99.3% were small, 0.6% medium and 0.1% large
  • UK business enterprises employed an estimated 22.8 million people, 48.2% of which were in small businesses
  • The estimated combined turnover of the 4.8 million business enterprises in the UK was £3,200 billion with SMEs accounting for 36% of this
The Reality

While there is no doubt that our market is huge, one of the key attractions of the 8020 model is that you only require a small number of clients.

This model differs to many consultancy businesses that are transaction or project based and demand a constant stream of new business.

Although there is an inevitable degree of minor flux, we focus on building long-term relationships with our clients, growth coming from referrals and professional recommendations.