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Norman McConnell
8020 Durham

Norman was formerly a senior manager in financial services distribution

“When technical support is needed to develop and maintain the relationship with your client, I have found that advice is always available from 8020. Not only from the franchisor – but as the network has grown, peer support and expert knowledge has come increasingly to the fore, people are very happy to help.”


The Training
As a new franchisee you will undertake a comprehensive training programme over a five week period. This will comprise 15 days face to face, supported by case study work, assignments, data processing and fieldwork with our clients; however we will also take care to tailor your training to suit both your qualifications and background.


We believe that training is absolutely critical to the success of your franchise and have developed a training programme that will enable you to launch your business with confidence. To support your soft skills and interpersonal development we also send you on a specialist sales training programme with Sandler Sales Institute

In addition to the training you will be given your own personal mentor who is available at all times to give you advice and guidance.



Our marketing support package is a leader in the Franchise World and will help you to launch your business with confidence. We place extensive resources at your disposal to help you manage your business development activities, with real hands-on support whenever needed.

Business support

You have access to our network of business professionals, who not only advise you how to set up and manage your own business, but are there critically to support your work with your own clients.